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I am a professional oil painter that focuses on floral still life. Some ask how I chose to become an artist. The answer to that is simple. I didn't choose to become an artist....art chose me

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Making of a Painting-Thinking Outside the Box

During the making of a painting, it’s easy to get pigeonholed into a certain style or look. As artists, we tend to paint for the collector based on what they desire from us instead of simply painting for ourselves. I have realized how important it is for our creativity to set up a painting and let loose. Escape from the monotony and switch up your style.

That’s exactly what I did with this painting. As I stood in front of my easel, I decided I wanted to have fun with it. I set up a vase with a new variety of roses called “lady of shallot” along with apples and grapes. This is a typical subject matter for me, but I used much different brush work and style.

I find that some of the best paintings I do is when I have no boundaries or preconceived notions of what is expected from me. It was an inspirational learning experience. This paining is a result of having fun one day and painting for myself.


Roses and Apples. 16X20

This painting is on exhibit with the American Women Artists at the K.Newby Gallery in Tubac, Arizona.




  1. I read your comments just when I needed to, thank you so much for sharing them. Your art is beautiful and I appreciate hearing your own experiences and lessons learned.

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